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What is Simor?


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
~Albert Einstein


Simor aims to honor the sacred gift by connecting you intellectually.

We connect you through four categories with more to come!


Connect with native speakers and others learning your target languages. Language rooms on Simor are both informative and interactive.(Current rooms include: Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish)

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Log in to find thousands of students who have a passion for science. Share your questions and thoughts on different scientific topics and grow your network.


On Simor, easily share your questions to receive free help. Specific math levels and topics can be accessed in rooms that accommodate your interests.


Share your stand-up acts and funny clips to connect with others through comedy.

The name “Simor” comes from the Persian “Simorgh”, the mythical king of all birds. The legend of the Simorgh was made particularly famous in Ferydoun Attar’s (c. 1145- c. 1221) epic “The Conference of the Birds”. In this poem, all the birds of the world unite and journey afar to appoint the Simorgh as their king. The birds begin their quest unified and enthusiastic, but soon face various challenges along their way. Seven valleys, each representing hardships emblematic of the human condition, stand between them and the discovery of the Simorgh. With each successive valley, thousands of birds become discouraged and return home. Each has familiar excuse for the particular obstacle at hand. Only thirty birds brave all seven valleys to reach the dwelling place of the Simorgh. However, all they find at their destination is a glassy lake in which their collective appearance is reflected. Peering into the lake, the thirty birds realize that the Simor is each of them, and all of them. The Simorgh is their transcendent totality. “Si” is the Persian word for the number thirty, while “morgh” is a Persian word for bird, a clever lyrical device of the poet Attar. The Simorgh represents the journey of spiritual enlightenment, and the hardships that each of us must face to reach our potential. Attar’s epic encourages the reader that with dedication and the right fellowship, they too can achieve their goals.

Simor Core Team

Alireza Mrbeig

CEO & Co-Founder

Alireza Asadi

CTO & Co-Founder

Geoffrey Janke


Farnoush Boustanchi

Back-End Developer

Elnaz Nikbin

Front-End Developer

Nasrin Khodayari

Back-End Developer

Mahyar Alirezaei

UI & UX Designer